Job Share Connection - Post
Job Share Connection - Post
Job Share Connection - Post
Job Share Connection - Post

Job Share Connection - Post

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Love your job but face with the decision to quit due to caregiving responsibilities or unable to scale down the work load to achieve work-life balance? Then give Job Sharing a shot before you reach your ultimatum ie. resignation.  

Connect to other Accountants looking to work flexibly via our Job Share - Connection post.  You determine what details (Eg. company name) to be published. Options are available for job post extensions.*

Design and agree how your job share role will work in a bid to create a professional proposal for your manager and HR department to consider. Here's a secret: your employer wants to avoid the hefty HR Turnover costs of hiring your replacement too.  Don't put your career on hold. Lay your groundwork to make Job Sharing an option for both you and your employer.

You are a Talent worth retaining! 

Terms & Conditions:
  • Job Share - Connection post is strictly for Members application only (ie. only members can apply for a job-share). This ensures the integrity and intention of both the applicant and owner of the post. 
  • Job Share - Connection post is available for 1 month. Further time extension can be purchased separately.   
  • Each package includes the option to obtain 1 candidate's skill interview extract (pdf). Applicant to inform us of shortlisted candidate's name for this option. 
  • Our package does not include liaisons and/costs in relation to the correspondence between the applicants and owner of the post.
  • Job Share - Connection is strictly a professional channel for Members to seek a Job-share partner.
  • Job Share - Connection is NOT a social match-making channel. We have zero tolerance for any harassment.
  • We reserve the right to reject any job post that breaches our T&C. An admin fee amounting to 50% of initial payment will be deducted from the refund amount for such cases.