We Won AIC 2020 hackathon challenge 2 & emerged Top 5 of 82 teams

Our founder, Hweiling is the team lead for Candy Rocks (a name inspired by Lady Gaga & Black pink's "Sour candy" that was popular on radio while she was doing up the hackathon business plan). Accountants MatchUp was her brain child and emerged as 2020 AIC Challenge 2 winning solution. Her main intent of setting up AccountantsMatchUp.com as a social enterprise is to provide Caregivers-Accountants (especially mothers & those caring for aged parents) opportunities to connect with progressive employers who offer flexi-time, flexi-place arrangements hence the Caregivers would be able to stay relevant in the industry (mental well-being) and earn some monies (financial well-being). Her hope is that by addressing the needs of Caregiver-Accountants, their family too will benefit via ripple effect of a happier Caregiver
Amidst the economic downturn, many firms are forced to retrench their staff and the remaining staff are overloaded to cope with additional responsibilities which will result in lower productivity & staff burnout. Collaborating with our team will allow firms to achieve cost savings & manpower optimization throughout the year. By streamlining the hiring process & maintaining a core and lean workforce in place of the pyramid hierarchy structure, firms can choose to expand their accounting team within short notice and/or for peak periods with our pool of professional Caregivers-Accountants available for job share or flexible work. 
Firms will have the freedom to pay only for what they need, how long they need (the services) while jobseekers have the freedom to choose work based on their availability.
 Our Founder's Story:

                                                       Lovely Pexels Pic by Ketut Subiyanto  

As a dynamic Chartered Accountant (Singapore) & CPA (Australia), I have more than 18 years of hands-on Accounting, HR and Procurement experience. Having worked my way up the ranks at several firms (from Startups, SME, Charity, Statutory Board and MNCs), I am deeply in tune with the challenges that both Accountants and Management face in the workplace and at the various stages of their careers.

End 2019, I decided to take a step back from the corporate world to focus on caring for my family. Once my routine stabilized, I set off on a journey to hunt down the elusive unicorn job (a part-time, flexi-hour, remote job that makes use of my professional qualifications & experiences). Many horrifying interviews, a suspected money mule scam and a nightmarish short stint led me to believe that some unethical firms take advantage and prey on jobseekers' desperation to seek a part-time job. With much resolve, I decided to provide a solution by consolidating legit unicorn jobs on one platform in hopes that no other accountant will need to go through such nightmarish experiences. 

Along the way, AIC 2020 came about and it was a 3am calling (from God) that inspired me to join the hackathon to validate my solution.  

Hence Accountants MatchUp! was born.     

Read more about my quest for the Unicorn Job in my blog. 

 PS. To those still searching for your unicorn, don't be dishearten. Keep  tryingJoin  Accountants MatchUp. There are opportunities out there, you just need tenacity & lots of patience cos that's my secret to my landing a second unicorn job.  Cheers!