Lesson 2 to Self : The Game Plan

As in all quests, one should have a game plan in mind (plus several contingencies, being a  true-blue Accountant). Identify your strengths and make it work harder for you. Mine is tenacity so game on.

I targeted job advertisements that clearly state "Part-Time" in their job titles. Tip: when using a job portal search engine, type the job function you want eg. "remote work only". This will narrow your search as the results will include those jobs description that has "remote work only".

Ok I digressed. Despite the limited number of Part-Time job postings, I had 100% calls to interview to all the "Part-time" jobs I applied for. Now dear reader, if you are sharp enough to notice the little inverted commas, you are spot-on. From a government body (thy shall not be named) to a polytechnic to a small enterprise, the interview started great until the interviewer started to downplay my need for part-time and flexi-hours. The question would always politely pivot to "With your qualifications and experience, why not work full-time for us? We can modify the role to be full-time." or even worse below.

Hirer: "This role is actually required to work beyond the daily 4-hours stated in the job description as you need to contribute to our project implementation."

Me: "I can understand the urgency to meet the deadline. Would there be off-in-lieu /overtime since the hours clocked will be much higher than the stated 20 hours per week? And would you care to share the reason the previous staff quit?"

Hirer: "Actually we only published this role as part-time because we had limited budget. The previous staff quit to devote more time to care for her family."

Me: "Thank you for your frankness and sharing. In that case, let's not waste anymore of each others' time & I thank you for your time." (I stood up, shook their hands and exited.)

My limited time and effort wasted but this strengthened my resolve to create a validated job portal for Part-time jobs.